Who We Are

Meet The Chief – Chief Peace Eagle

Created from the red clay genes of Lola Jordan (Tennessee Chickasaw/ Chacta and Joseph Wilson (Mississippi/Alabama Muskokee/Yamassee) my ancestor’s history spans from The Olmecs, Tabasco Mexico to the Lumbee of North Carolina.

Being born and raised in Chicago every summer my siblings and I were shipped down south to our grand-parents farm, and were taught to cultivate the land, take care of the animals, hunt and canning foods. Basically, this is what the indigenous people throughout history did and still do today.

I have been a warrior my whole life, either a physical warrior excelling in sports, military or a warrior of conscience helping the community by volunteering time for youth sports, soup kitchens, or helping the people to freedom by educating them on the law of the Holy See, and the land they stand rooted on.

While at Fort Sill Oklahoma, Peace Eagle served and fellowshiped with the Ft. Sill Apache tribal people. During this time Peace Eagle gained native wisdom and participated in ceremonies.

Peace Eagle has been sent on a mission from the East to gather the tribal dis-enrolled members of the West and build a great nation. With Unity and Awareness the California Bear Clan can bring back the family comfort, joy, ceremonies, and the sense of belonging our ancestors have experienced and lived for years. Email the Chief.

Clan Mother Medicine Star

Ever since Medicine Star can think back being a little girl, she was watching her mother and aunts make herbal tinctures, salves and teas. On occasions she would gather herbs with them as well. They would go high up into the Alps to look for not so common herbs, berries, roots and flowers. It was always exciting to see someone in the neighborhood feeling better because of natural medicine they provided for them.

When the time came for her to learn a trade, Medicine Star wanted to have that same power and decided to study nutrition and herbal medicine. And sure enough, the feeling of helping someone to make them feel better with herbs was grandiose. As a young adult she then traveled all over the world and spent some years in Australia, New Zealand and was fascinated to learn from the indigenous people about their medicines, and listening to their stories, dreams and visions.

Today, Medicine Star is walking the path her Mother dreamed of, traveling, and helping many people maintaining good health and suggesting cures for ailments.   Medicine Star also sponsors a little boy in Kenya, providing him and his family with basic human needs in conjunction supporting a handful of wonderful Lakota Children at the St. Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota.

Our History

Negotiations between English General James Oglethorpe, founder of Savannah, and the Yamacraw/Creek leader Tomo-chi-chi in the 1730s were only the first of many negotiations between the new English arrivals and Georgia Indians over the next 100 years.

CMYYB Culture

Ocmulgee (pronounced “oak-mull-ghee”) is a memorial to ancient indigenous peoples in Southeastern North America. From Ice Age hunters to the Muscogee Creek tribe of historic times, the site has evidence of 17,000 years of human habitation. The Macon plateau was inhabited during the PaleoindianArchaic, and Woodland phases.

The major occupation was ca. 950-1150 CE during the Early Mississippian-culture phase. The people of this sophisticated, stratified culture built the complex, massive earthworks that expressed their religious and political system. Archeologists call this society the Macon Plateau culture, a local expression of the South Appalachian Mississippian culture. During this period, an elite society supported by skillful farmers developed a town.

Leaders directed the complex construction of large, earthwork platform mounds, the central structures on the plateau.

The people built rectangular wooden buildings to house certain religious ceremonies on the top of the platform mounds. The mounds at Ocmulgee were unusual because they were constructed further from each other than was typical of other Mississippian complexes. Scholars believe this was to provide for public space and residences around the mounds.

Circular earth lodges were built to serve as places to conduct meetings and important ceremonies. Remains of one of the earth lodges were carbon dated to 1050 CE. This evidence was the basis for the reconstructed lodge which archeologists later built at the park center. The interior features a raised-earth platform, shaped like an eagle with a forked-eye motif. Molded seats on the platform were built for the leaders. The eagle was a symbol of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex, which the people shared with other Mississippian cultures.

Missionization/Colonization, altered California’s Indian cultures forever, By design “Manifest Destiny“ was designed to erase all Indians North, South, East and West from California and from the face of the earth.

The California Bear Clan people are central to Californian contemporary life. We are businesses owners, teachers, trades people, artist, blue and white collar workers. We are scattered throughout California’s many counties and cities.

Many Californian Bear Clan people continue aspects of their pre-colonization cultural traditions. Elders teach younger generations how tend plants to yield traditional foods, knife and drum crafts, weapons training, and basket weaving. Multiple generations of families continue to dance and sing in ways that long predate Spanish colonization. Where the thread of memory has broken, California Indians are reviving traditions through research and practice. Indeed, California Indian cultures are indelible. I am Chief Peace Eagle, of the Chahta Muskokee Yamacraw Yamissi Redstik Band “California Bear Clan” tribe and I welcome you to our tribe and page.